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!!! DEAR ADVERTISERS / 廣告商請注意 !!!

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Azn747 / Sex747 welcomes everyone to join and use freely. However please note:

While we does not support Bill C-36, we respect the new law that is now in effect, and ask that all advertisers abide likewize.

Advertisers are asked to refrain from advertising sexual services, and to avoid wording that suggest or indicate the availability of services that are obviously sexual in nature.

Azn747 / Sex747 only allows advertisement of services limited to dating, companionship, massage, and therapeutic only.

While we do not have the time or resources to constantly monitor every ad posted, we will be conducting random sampling inspection of ads. Any illegal ads we find will be censored or deleted.

Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions and concerns

Thank you!

Azn747/ Sex747 歡迎大家自由使用. 不過請注意:



Azn747/ Sex747 上的廣告只容許推銷約會,陪伴,按摩,治療,等服務。


如有任何需要或疑問, 請聯絡 [email protected].



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"七加一" 除咗抄,最叻就係舔屎忽!  
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非常支持新措施, 保護自身同時亦保護用戶.

名字改什麼不重要. 最重要是從此事可以看出 747 的當機立斷, 以及在市場的領導地位.

747 實行新措施, 其他同類網站馬上跟著做, 就連 S(7+1) 台的公告內容也有 90% 是從 747 這裡抄襲過去.

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

Ben哥做得很好, Sex747做得很好, 希望 Azn747 會做得更好. 我會繼續支持你們!

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